Our Mission Statement 

Share with the world. Deliver value that differ from others. Knowledgeable about what’s needed.

We want our clients to be able to share their services and products with the world. Every brand has values, but having values that differ from competitors makes your brand unique. Kerpink Digital, values being knowledgeable and being able to identify what its client’s needs.

FTB Health Plans

FTB Health Plans, an insurance company in Orlando, needed a website that reflects addressing the needs of its clients and services.

We worked together to create a brand script that conveys trust and family, then created a custom WordPress website to put the story board into action.

Today, we’re provide regular routine updates and check in with FTB Health Plans.


Athelite Recruiting

Athelite Recruiting of Orlando owner, a 10-year veteran of the sport recruiting industry, needed help building a message and portal for his sports recruiting agency.

Together, we created a clear storyboard narrative, then wrote website copy and email marketing material for a lead generator.

The new website got new users signed up within the first week online.

Divine 9 Connections

Divine 9 Connections, a new social media platform for the Divine 9 community, came to us looking for a message and website to match the company mission statement.

We worked together to create a brand script and apply the story brand framework across their digital marketing plans.

Kerpink Digital partnered with its sister agency AppifyLab to create the new social media platform.